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Iron is Laughter

We started working on this tune months ago under the name "Talky-Beat." We shelved it for a bit but found new life in it when we gave a signature verbal breakdown to a Speak &…
A new electronic beat featuring a singing Speak & Spell!


Today's release is three different versions of a new song of ours called "Rhodesia"  Its a pretty chilled out tune with a Fender Rhodes as one of the primary instruments.  There…
Three versions of one song called Rhodesia that we wrote while brushing a cat.

Musical Stabs

A stab is a short musical idea, usually no longer than a few seconds, that can be used to highlight something. A lot of what we do at TM is make songs that people can use for…
Here are some very short musical ideas that can be used for highlights rather than a whole song.

Guitar/Western Set

We decided to lay down a few tracks with guitar. The first one started small, but became a Western epic that we are proud of, Spanish trumpets and all. The second is a tasteful…
We put some guitar tracks down and it turned into a rootin' tootin' Western! Yee-haw!

Happy Pack

For this pack, we borrowed a friend's ukulele and pulled out our glockenspiel.  Things got real.  Most of these instruments were recorded live in our studio, and boy was it fun!…
A few new feel good tunes for the summer! Ukulele and sunshine galore!

Bunch of new songs added

We just finished up a bunch of songs that have been in the works for awhile now.  There is one in an 8-bit nintendo style, a Hip-Hop style backing track, and a few other…
We worked on a number of small and large pieces to throw up on the site at the beginning of July. Check them out.

Green Monday

Last night we put the finishing touches on a song we have wanted to do for a while. This is basically Rollin on guitar and Kenyon on bass with some programmed drums. We've been…
We just finished producing a pop punk song which we have lovingly called "Green Monday."


This was one of the first tracks that Twin Musicom produced as a pair. Started with the drum beat, but once we laid down the bass track, the rest followed easily. The guitar is…
Information about the song: Rauchus.

Odd News

Song: Odd News We started making a song that had an odd time signature. By the time we came up with a rhythm that we liked, we discovered it was in 4/4 (common time). So, in a…
Information about the song Odd News.

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