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An Evening, A Lifetime

A slow-building electronic piece that is as calming as it is epic. Hope you enjoy it. 
A slow-building electronic piece that is as calming as it is epic.

In the past

This was a backing track for a song I was doing for an album so many years ago. It never got included on the album, so I thought I would touch it up and give it to you beautiful…
A slow, morose dirge lamenting the times past.

Dance, Don't Delay

Dance, Don't Delay spent too long on the backburner. We spent hours trying to craft the right sounds for this song. I don't think this piece will change the electronic music…
A dreamy, punchy house track that plays into the early morning.

Winter Ride

Originally, we had this as a winter song. It was the chords for a popular, copyrighted Christmas song that we all know and love. I pulled this from the site, even though we didn't…
In our part of the world we are on the last leg of winter, and then it's SPRING!!!!

Stanley Sharke

For most of its life cycle, this piece was titled "Fun Bass Line." And it is exactly that, a fun bass line, guaranteed to get stuck in your head. One weekend, a few months ago, we…
A tune with a rubber bass line that has a cool, retro feel.

Carefree Melody

We are going to admit it, we do not like playing the ukulele. Our fingers are just too big for the instrument and we don't know how to hold it! Everyone on Youtube plays it no…
Check out our new toe-tapping, vlog-style whistler. We got out the uke. We got out the bells and we got our whistle on.

The Coal Mine

We were working on this rhythmic beat that sounded industrial. I don't mean like the electronic music, I mean a factory or even the repetitive rhythm from a chain gang. We started…
Get your hands dirty down in the coal mine. With an aberrant melody and repetitive rhythms, it definitely evokes the industry of mining.

Night at the Dance Hall

This piece started out as a joke! We came up with this melody and chord progression that we joked around about. For us, it was very catchy, bordering on slightly annoying. Help…
A bouncy tune that sounds right out of the roaring 20s. Maybe it should be called The Roaring 10s!

Hat the Jazz

When working on a commission, we had this as an outtake. We came up with a whole song with a B-section, but we started to just like it almost like a sting. It's possible to make…
A upbeat, fun jazz sting that would work great as an intro.

Looked Back, Saw Nothing

Often times when Matt and I work on music for Twin Musicom, we get different ideas of what should happen with a piece of music. What we thought we would do this week is show you…
A double feature of a hazy electronic piece.

Seven Lives to Live

At first, Matt sent me this demo that had this ostinato melody that looped over and over again. It started feeling like a Phillip Glass piece to so I started varying the phrases…
Enjoy our fun new Phillip Glass/Steve Reich mashup that's in 7/4 time.

'Tis the Season

We made a number of Christmas songs for this time of year, some original and some traditional. The first one, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, we did with all the random instruments…
Check out our Christmas pack.

Talky Beat

This piece is actually the remnants of another song we did last year. And I bet you can't tell which one because it sounds nothing like it's counterpart. Basically the song Iron…
We should have called this song Turkey Beat.

Halloween Pack 2015

Here is our Halloween pack. We worked very hard on it, and we hope that you like it. First we have Haunting Dreams, which we imagine could be in a Freddy or Jason movie because it…
A small collection of spooky tunes just in time for the holidays.

Tom Perry

We started working on Tom Perry a long time ago. I think it's the happiest tune I have ever written. It's full of thick, triangle synths and ARP strings. Add a laid-back groove…
A happy electro-tune that will have you humming for days.

80s Cop Show

We are big fans of Kung Fury and immediately we knew that we needed to provide a cheesy 80s tune that people could use. We dusted off our gated reverbs and turned our synths to…
This week we bring you the best in cheesy 80s goodness. If you need to make a parody, this just might do the trick.

Elvish Presto

Distracted and unfocused on something he was actually supposed to be working on, Matt created the bouncy beat for this tune. He said the trumpets had to stay! Kenyon jazzified it…
A relaxed jazzy tune with a great bouncy beat. Can make a great theme song for a podcast or a web series.

Good for Nothing Safety

This is the second of the 80s hair metal music we created for the web series Buddy System. It took a lot of alcohol to get this one out. A little piece of trivia, since we are…
The second in our 80s hair metal music. Check it out.

Training in the Fire

This little montage was inspired by the likes of Eye of the Tiger and Gonna Fly Now. We just laid down a bunch of driving guitars and patted ourselves on the back. We took the…
A short rock anthem that we created for a web series. A good track for montages.

Italian Morning

This song has been in the works for a long time. We finally got around to recording it. It all started with a simple piano melody and bass line, but as the production went on, we…
Our follow-up to our song Italian Afternoon. Stay tuned for Italian Evening.

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