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Solo Piano Songs

This weekend, I laid down a few piano songs. One is a boogie-woogie improv that I really had fun playing. The song with the most original title, "Piano Ballad", was a melody that…
While we are working on some bigger projects, we tried to lay down a few piano songs that we have been working on.

Happy Pack

For this pack, we borrowed a friend's ukulele and pulled out our glockenspiel.  Things got real.  Most of these instruments were recorded live in our studio, and boy was it fun!…
A few new feel good tunes for the summer! Ukulele and sunshine galore!

Bunch of new songs added

We just finished up a bunch of songs that have been in the works for awhile now.  There is one in an 8-bit nintendo style, a Hip-Hop style backing track, and a few other…
We worked on a number of small and large pieces to throw up on the site at the beginning of July. Check them out.


This was one of the first tracks that Twin Musicom produced as a pair. Started with the drum beat, but once we laid down the bass track, the rest followed easily. The guitar is…
Information about the song: Rauchus.

Odd News

Song: Odd News We started making a song that had an odd time signature. By the time we came up with a rhythm that we liked, we discovered it was in 4/4 (common time). So, in a…
Information about the song Odd News.

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