Innovative Audio Production

Seven Lives to Live

Posted by Twin Musicom on December 29, 2015


At first, Matt sent me this demo that had this ostinato melody that looped over and over again. It started feeling like a Phillip Glass piece to so I started varying the phrases so that it sort of phased with itself. After considerable effort, we created about 6 minutes of music that ebbed and flowed with this new pattern. It got old, so we started cutting it down and threw a piano rhythm chugging behind all of it. Eventually we started throwing the two (non-diatonic) motifs together until it just screamed from tension. Originally the ending organ chord lasted a few minutes with a calm bass underneath, but I think we will leave that for another song. All in all, this piece took a lot to put together, and a lot of it is on the cutting room floor. We hope you enjoy it!

Seven Lives to Live (Download Track Now)