Innovative Audio Production

An NES-type Adventure Set

Posted by Twin Musicom on May 10, 2015


With the help of an independent video game designer, we created a number of tunes that sound like they could have come out of an NES game. We used audio samples that we pulled right from the NES itself (I have three here at my house) and threw them into our audio programs. We wanted to create most of the tunes needed to make a basic game, so we have the title screen theme, the main music while you are playing, a boss or dungeon music and the death and victory sound cues. All of the music is made so it can loop. You can use these for whatever games you may be working on and if you need some other supplementary music, don't be afraid to ask us to create some more!

NES Theme (Download Track Now)

NES Boss NES Death NES Theme
NES Overworld NES Victory