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Musical Stabs

Posted by Twin Musicom on October 27, 2014


A stab is a short musical idea, usually no longer than a few seconds, that can be used to highlight something. A lot of what we do at TM is make songs that people can use for various things, but sometimes you just need an accent to dramatically emphasize your video or game. Look no further, because we came up with a general sample of some of the ideas that we had.

If you are interested in more of these, let us know. We will periodically be putting more up in the next few months. Hope you enjoy!

Cinematic Sting (Download Track Now)

64 Pop Sting African Drums Sting Abbey Cadence Sting
Cartoon Sting Cinematic Sting Thats That Sting
Funky Sting Lullabye Sting Operating System Sting
Puppy Love Sting