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Halloween Pack 2015

Posted by Twin Musicom on October 6, 2015


Here is our Halloween pack. We worked very hard on it, and we hope that you like it. First we have Haunting Dreams, which we imagine could be in a Freddy or Jason movie because it contains a lot of unnerving distorted textures. Midnight in the Graveyard has two versions, one with a piano and one without and we think this would work well at a haunted house because it has a great dark atmosphere. Spooky Ride is our attempt at a fun 90s Halloween theme a la Beetlejuice or Ernest Scared Stupid because it's full of oompa orchestra and swirling woodwinds. Finally we have The Halloween Dawn, which was an attempt to recreate Ligeti's works especially in The Shining. We used detuned clusters in voices and violins that put our hair on end. We really hope you enjoy it and look out for more updates in the future.

The Halloween Dawn (Download Track Now)

Midnight in the Graveyard Midnight in the Graveyard Background Spooky Ride
Haunting Dreams The Halloween Dawn