Innovative Audio Production

Fall of the Solar King

Posted by Twin Musicom on May 29, 2014


A few weeks ago, we sat down at our computer and decided to challenge ourselves to come up with three songs that fit three distinct styles. By the of the month, we would like to have an epic orchestration piece, a fun pop-punk tune and a dirty dubstep romp. This contribution is the first of the bunch.

We wanted to approach this song as if we were writing an orchestra. And although it is mostly sampled, we felt like we were in the pit. It is scored for strings, brass, bassoons and choir. When we put down the first notes, it sounded like a kitten, but it turned into a lion. While the song took shape, we imagined a scene of a Solar King in his final battle. The orchestration really draws out the actions for us and hope you hear the same.

You could use this over videos of cats, competitive eating, races, time lapse, ice cream melting, epic slow-mo shots, x-treme sports and sloths fighting. Have fun.


Fall of the Solar King