Innovative Audio Production

At the Foot of the Sphinx

Jan 28, 2015

A song about philosophy, puzzles and Egypt.

Iron is Laughter

Jan 21, 2015

A new electronic beat featuring a singing Speak & Spell!


Jan 14, 2015

Three versions of one song called Rhodesia that we wrote while brushing a cat.

'Tis the Season

Dec 8, 2014

We produced a few Christmas songs for this time of the year. Grab some of our songs for Christmas cheer!

Musical Stabs

Oct 27, 2014

Here are some very short musical ideas that can be used for highlights rather than a whole song.

Royalty-Free Music Documentary

Oct 18, 2014

Some friends of ours are going to make a documentary about royalty-free music. Check it out.

Guitar/Western Set

Oct 2, 2014

We put some guitar tracks down and it turned into a rootin' tootin' Western! Yee-haw!

Solo Piano Songs

Aug 27, 2014

While we are working on some bigger projects, we tried to lay down a few piano songs that we have been working on.

Happy Pack

Aug 12, 2014

A few new feel good tunes for the summer! Ukulele and sunshine galore!

Electronic Pack

Aug 1, 2014

We compiled a few of our old electronic tunes together. Hope you enjoy.

A Chiptunes Set

Jul 16, 2014

We made a few songs that would fit with gaming and retro stuff. Check out our mix!

Bunch of new songs added

Jul 2, 2014

We worked on a number of small and large pieces to throw up on the site at the beginning of July. Check them out.