Innovative Audio Production

Standard License Twin Musicom Standard


If you would like to use our music in a project, and you don't want to or cannot credit us, a Standard License is your main option. Examples for this license would be Advertisements (Internet, TV, radio, etc.), Film, Corporate or Retail. If you'd like a standard license, send an email to stating the project and which pieces you would like to license and we will send you a license in PDF format.

Creative Commons Twin Musicom Creative Commons


If you would like to use our music for free and can credit us, a Creative Commons License is the best option. In order to use our music with this license, all you have to do is credit us in your video, description or website with this format:

{Song Title/Titles} by Twin Musicom (

If you are interested in reading more about this specific license, feel free to visit to access a more in-depth description of what this Creative Commons License allows for.