Innovative Audio Production

How do I need to credit you for your music?

You can read about the Creative Commons license we have chosen here. It is important to us that we offer as much music as we can free of charge for people to use how they see fit.  The only thing that we ask is that we get credit for the work that we do. We would like credit to be given in this format:

{Song Title/Titles} by Twin Musicom (

 Alternatively, if you would like to use our music without giving credit, you can purchase a license to any of the songs in the CC Series catalog.

What can I use your music for?

Our music is intended to be used in any project that needs a little something extra.  This includes all video production possibilities (vlogs, gaming videos, home movies, commercials, etc.) as well as video games, plays, live streams, whatever!

As long as you give us credit for our work in your project or purchase a licensed version of the song/songs you would like to use, you can use our music for ANY purpose.

Royalty-Free vs Creative Commons?

You will see a lot of sites that promote royalty-free music, but you still have to purchase a license to download it. By releasing our music under the Creative Commons license, we are allowing everyone to download and use the music for free. Royalty-free means that if money is made on the content, the creator of the content does not receive a fee. Our music is royalty-free and it is free to download!

What are the formats to your music?

All the music you can download on this website is offered as an MP3 encoded at 128 kbps CBR. We offer WAV, AIFF, FLAC and the project files if you would like to purchase our songs.  If you would like to purchase these higher quality formats for your project, send us an email via our contact page and we'll get back to you soon. We like to be flexible for projects of any size and budget.

Can you write custom music for my project?

One of the main ways that we make money is through commissions. If you like what you hear on our site and need something custom for your production, we would be more than happy to work with you and produce some custom music. You could send us lyrics and have us return a song or you could request that we score the soundtrack to a film. We're very interested in creating music for video game projects; click here to check out Twin Musicom music set to some of our favorite games. We have a broad range and would be happy to be involved in any new projects!

What type of production work do you do?

We have a full studio that is used for recording, mixing and mastering. You can hear some of the samples on the portfolio page. If you need to do voice overs, multi-channel recordings or on-site recordings, we are set up for it.

How can I contribute?

We have a donation link and every donation is seriously appreciated!