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Here at Twin Musicom, we promote SYNERGY, SUSTAINABILITY, VISIBILITY, DIVERSITY, WELLNESS and SEAMLESS INTEGRATION. Our interests are client-centricity, enterprise-level impact and creating a platform to integrate our best practices because we believe that the new normal is organic growth and as a result, we think inside the global box, which contains such segments as outside-the-box thinking as well as smaller segments like inside-the-box thinking.

Back in 2013, Kenyon Rosewall and Matthew Luchau met in a proto-indie-bluegrass musical outfit that leveraged the performance spaces of local drinking establishments all across the Minneapolis area. After that musical organization went through a round of layoffs, Kenyon and Matt needed an exit strategy. Because of this, they brought to the table an innovative and holistic approach for a brand new startup, Twin Musicom. Producing music for local singer-songwriters, aligning goals and outputting diverse sound recordings for YouTube led the team to the world of Creative Commons music. Since then, there has been streamlining and globalization.

Kenyon Rosewall Twin Musicom

Kenyon Rosewall, CEO

Kenyon has been the CEO since 2014. His core competencies are Internet Systems/Website Support, Audio Engineering and Music Composition. His principal instrument is piano. Reach out to kenyon@ + this domain.

Matthew Luchau Twin Musicom

Matthew Luchau, CCO

Matthew has been the CCO since 2014. His touchpoint strategies are Client Interfacing, Mindshare/Social Media and Music Production. Principal instrument is drums, the driving pulse behind progressive collaboration. You can contact Matt through matthew@ + this domain.

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